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Well, I closed the LLC because, frankly, I'm a horrible salesperson, and it was costing more to keep it going than I was bringing in having it running.  So, I will concentrate on my day job to make money, and this will just be me.

Dung Beetle, Pointin' Out The Snacks

So, D. Milly did a new post about this election year (Read It Here).  In that post there is an image of a bumper sticker and the mention of a T-Shirt.  They're here!  Since we no longer have the resale side I am only asking my cost if you want one.  Stickers are a buck ($1.00) and T-Shirts are $11.00.  Visit the contacts page and drop me a note if you want one.


Vote No Confidence Sticker



Vote No Confidence T-Shirt


Other Things...

Keep an eye on the site as I will be blogging more about the robot very soon.  Plus, you never know what else I will be up to :-)

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