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"...sometimes the nuts just don't fit."

About the Photographer

Multiple Pictures of Russ

So... What can I say about myself without sounding like a self glorifying weeney?  Well, I am a programmer by trade working 9-5 (or there abouts) creating database software.  For fun I like to take photographs (duh, huh?), build things, and other fairly nerdy stuff.  I do some wood working, remodeling on my house, keep up the yard, well, you know all the normal boring things of life.  When I take photos, I prefer Macro Photography.  For those that may not know Macro Photography is basically getting really up close and personal with things to show in a big picture what would be tiny in life.  You can browse through the galleries and I am sure you will see what I mean.  I do some other types of photography as well, but Macro is my first true love (in photography).

Those that really know me know I have a somewhat sarcastic (YEAH RIGHT!) sense of humor.  One of the things I have taken to is creating buttons with some of the things that pop out of my mouth actually written down for others to share.  I also enjoy hiding meaning in plain sight, so there are a few like that too (check out the donkey series).

Oh, one last thing... I do not get my feelings hurt by constructive criticism, so if you see something that can be done better, please let me know.  My contact info is on the Contacts page.

Enjoy the site, but if you see something you can't possibly live without, well, then by all means contact me about it, but most of all... Smile!  It makes people wonder what you are up to!